ERCAAN LAGOS STATE CHAPTER ELECTION 2021 On behalf of Ercaan Electoral Committee, we thank Almighty God for peaceful conclusion of Electioneering process for ERCAAN LAGOS STATE CHAPTER ELECTION yesterday 7/7/ 2021 Tagged ERCAAN LAGOS DECIDE We congratulate all elected officers for their victory at the poll and pray for Divine wisdom to continue to pilot affairs of our great Association to greater heights We thank All our members that particepated in the election for their peaceful conduct during the voting process. Infact it portrait us as Honourable men and women indeed We appreciate our National President Hon Godwin Alenkhe ( EFA), National and state Council officials for the opportunity and confidence repose in us to serve our great Association. We salute the courage of all Contestants in the just concluded Election, you all have fought a good fight. In Ercaan there is no looser ERCAAN Lagos State Chapter Election 2021 has come and gone. Let us come together as one BIG family that we are to move our Great Association forward Lastly Congratulations to all Ercaan Lagos State members UP UP ERCAAN. Be honest Signed Hon Alh R O Shotunde ( EFA ) Electoral Chairman Hon Tayo O Erinle Electoral Secretary